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Thank God!  There is spectacular information about caffeine in pregnancy! 

Are you tired of doctors telling you what to give up?  You DONT (I repeat…DO NOT) have to worry about caffeine.  Most importantly, your caffeinated addictions are backed by wonderful, wonderful science.  There are websites with inaccurate information that just cause WAY more worry than what is necessary. For more detail, go further and be thoroughly bored.

Read further if you want to be bored.

A Cochrane review (which usually one of the better sources for good science) looked at 9 studies and a total of 90,000 women and found that there was a possible difference in fetal weight… but the studies used in some cases were poor ones.  The BEST study was from Norway and found that there was a difference of ONE OUNCE when women drank caffeine during their pregnancy.  WOW.  I just fell over in dismay and angst.

Bottom line.  Have your 2 cups of coffee, tea, or whatever floats your boat.  Your baby should survive just fine.