Stuff about Kids

Hey All, this is a hodge-podge (is that a word?) of information about kids that has been posted in the past main webpage.  Please review at your leisure, keep in mind that the newborn information is toward the beginning and the older child information is toward the end of this posting.  I will continue to update this spot with more and more information.

Topic of the Week: Cavities and Allergies!

Wow, I never thought there could be a raging debate 🙁 connecting these two health issues. But as a doctor, there is little that surprises me anymore. Curious?!? Read on…

There was a recent article from the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) that said that putting a pacifier in the parents mouth before putting it in your child’s mouth can prevent allergies. This is similar to what we already know- kids that are exposed to a variety of foods, saliva, dirt, and germs at an early age typically have a lower riskj of allergies. That’s why doctors are now less concerned about early exposure to eggs and peanut butter! Click on this link for full details:

The American Dental Association (ADA) got upset. They are worried that bacteria from mom or dad’s mouth will go to the child’s mouth and cause cavities! Here is their link as well!

Hopefully I can rescue you from this little bit of confusion and controversy! So the reality is that they are BOTH right. However, the most important thing to consider is which parent has good teeth?? The parent with good dentition (fewest cavities!) has the best bacteria to avoid cavities and should be sucking on the kiddos passie/nuk. Your kid has then a better chance of avoiding cavities down the road and might avoid allergies as well!