Best Pediatric Learning Links

Great websites for ALL parents! 

Instead of me re-creating a lot of parenting tips and tricks- I have found some really great websites that provide EVIDENCE-BASED medical advice.  While I think you can get some compassionate information from parenting blog-sites, check some of these links out!  My personal favorite is on the top- the Dr. Mike podcasts are terrific for an ipod or phone download.  Please email me with suggestions of your own!

There is a tie between my first two websites!

1) (general topics)
Dr. Mike’s Pedicast is a terrific podcast for parents who want to know more about common questions and  concerns.  Download these funny and insightful audio files on your phone or ipod- He does his homework and makes it fun to listen to.  The only fault I can find with the program is that this doc is an Ohio State fan (but seems to still be a really nice guy!).
Go Notre Dame!

Terrific website for local parents and lots of great information as to how to be a perfect parent.  Lots of good information and podcasts that you can download on your phone or ipod.

2) (general topics)
The American Academy of Pediatrics has a nicely categorized and wonderful array of topics for parents.  You can select the topics based on age or alphabetical order.  From Acne to Wheezing- you can easily look up an illness or a symptom and get some practical and basic knowledge on each topic.

3) (child development)
For those parents who like to follow their child’s development- we use the Ireton Development Chart.  Do you want to keep track yourselves??  Click on this link to stay ahead of the curve.  I’ll have you reviewing this at your next well child check!

4) (general topics)
Potty training, jaundice, ear infections and more- another great link compliments of that explains common pediatric questions.  Check it out!

5) (child nutrition)
In my own professional and personal research, there are few websites that compare to that of the Unversity of Michigan.  The first above link does a terrific job outlining the importance of child nutrition and also addresses common questions about juice intake, healthy snacks, and many others!

Does anyone remember that food chart that we all saw in grade school?  That pyramid is now quite “old-school” and there’s a new sheriff in town.  The above link provides more practical information about how much should be on your plate for each meal!  While it might not seem terribly kid specific at first, most kids above the age of 2 years old eat what the adults eat.  Take the tips and tricks from this website to help guide your family meals!