Common Pregnancy Questions

Weekly Top 5 Common Pregnancy Questions

First!  The tip of the day.  Did you know that your pregnancy entitles you to either one foot rub or backrub per day??  Let your partner know!

1)      Are you the doctor who will be at my delivery?

Unless I am out of state (which is rare), I will be at your delivery. I know that it is less common for your primary doctor to be actually at the delivery, but how can I miss the big event?!?

2)      Can I shovel snow during my pregnancy?

If your pregnancy has been going normally, I usually say to limit yourself to 2 inches of snowfall.  When stressing your body or exercising beyond your usual daily activity, I encourage you to always check with your regular doctor.  Please let your husband that any time shoveling should be compensated with extra back-rubs.

3)      Where should my seatbelt be during my pregnancy?

Your upper strap will fit over your shoulder the way that it usually is placed.  However, for you moms around 20 weeks and further along in your pregnancy, you will need to start placing the lower strap as far below your “bump” as you can.  It should still snugly fit across your hip bones.

4)      When can I feel the baby regularly move?

It’s different for each pregnancy, but most of the time moms can feel the baby move around 20 weeks (sometimes sooner!).  When you are moving around and busy, you won’t notice it as much.  When you’re still and laying in bed, you might notice it the most.

5)      What are “kick counts”?

This is related to how you track the baby’s movement.  Around 20 weeks, when you can feel the baby move on a daily basis, you can start keeping track of the baby’s movement.  Typically you will feel the baby move, roll, kick, or punch 10 times in about 2 hours.  If you feel like the baby is moving less than this, then find a quiet place and stay still keeping track.  Still don’t feel like the baby is moving a lot?  Please call and let me know!