When to call my doctor during pregnancy

´╗┐Wow. This section could take me a while to finish and you a while to read. If I go on and on, it might make things a bit more confusing that necessary. So I’ll keep this simple, when in doubt CALL ME! I’ll make it real easy- my Vadnais Heights Healtheast clinic number is 651-326-5900. If you’re not a patient of mine, I can technically only address your concerns by then having you come by the clinic afterwards.

    Here are other guideline for when I want my patients to call.

1) When you are having symptoms that are out of the ordinary for you.
2) When you are worried and don’t want to wait until your next sit-down appointment with me.
3) When you are having common symptoms of pregnancy (such as nausea and vomiting) but the simple solutions are not helping.

Beyond these simple rules, I will make a list of symptoms that I usually like to be notified about.

    But when in doubt, CALL ME! It usually takes 30 seconds over the phone to get an idea of whether your symptoms are normal or not.

Vaginal bleeding
Menstrual-like cramping
Nausea and Vomiting that prevents you from drinking liquids every hour or two.
Abdominal pain
Regular Contractions in the 1st and 2nd trimester
-(tightening across the abdomen that comes in waves and usually lasts at least 30 seconds)
Unusual headaches for you
Vision changes, especially if your peripheral vision is changing
Unusual light-headedness or any fainting spell
If the baby is not moving regularly with your kick counts (10 movements over 2 hours is a good general estimate)

    Call the hospital if:

1) your bag of waters has broken
2) if you are having increasing intensity or regular contractions
St. Johns Hospital number is 651-232-7000; just ask for Labor and Delivery